No time 2 blog

ImageIn less then 2 weeks u will c why i haven’t been blogging , im preparing for something BIG. 

And another reason why i have stopped blogging is because these fakes are constantly copying me so from now on imma stop broadcasting my unique ideas ( i know i haven’t broadcasted any good ideas on this blog THANK GOD ) They are way to precious for me 2 b giving them away for free . I have so many new great ideas , that i will NEVER EVER expose 2 anyone until they have been trademarked and copyrighted. The butterfly thing is already been stolen now , faster then i thought … But what they don’t know is that i have a hundred times more unique ideas for my upcoming projects that they will never b able 2 steal from me . No talent fake ass bitches 



Who R u 2 Judge ??

if ure living ure life by living off other peoples image or ideas .

If you used to look like a regular blond girl 4 years ago now u look like a (pathetic desperate & insecure) COPY of me .


If u have never youre own ideas , if u constantly living off what other people say and do .

Really half of yall aint done sh*t in ure life to help another living being . Infact u STEAL from other people by copying  their image , their brilliant Unique ideas . Ure just a sad lost soul hiding behind someone else’s hard work and dream.

You are NOBODY  , for as long as u are creating FAKE FAME ( that will not last ) by using other peoples image and ideas. Until u get that fact , don’t fucking come on 2 me and try judge me … all i did was give u another reason to live and continue with a dream that u didnt even create youre damn self.

It was someone elses dream , it was someone elses vision , it was a THEFT made by you …. how does it feel to wake up every morning knowing youre a lying thief ??? How does it feel to go to bed laying ure head on that pillow knowing youre LIVING A DAMN LIE ?? How does it feel ??

Do u sleep good at night ?? knowing youre pretending to be someone else ?? someone u can NEVER b ?? No matter how hard u try ?? U will just b a resemblance of me , but u will NEVER B me . Ure Child will never B me even if it was born on the same day as me , THERE is only 1 me . U can pull ure hair out , u can cry , u can scream , STILL there will only b 1 Original Fantase B.

How does it feel to walk around and know : ” this “success” is really not thanks to my own efforts , its thanks 2 someone else’s efforts and hard work. ”

2 live like a sad low life , waiting for someone to do something so you can copy that shit straight away like a parrot , HOW DOES IT FEEL ?? cause i honestly have no experience when it comes to that.

Judgement day will come for you 2 , then what you gonna do ???

Thats the Big ? …. God is watching us all…. No1 can lie 2 God ….

God is the greatest power that exist , No1 can ever outsmart God ….

Keep playing ure dirty games , I will Win in the end …. The End is Near …..

Gun shots after Göteborgskalaset



I cropped out Niklas my “bodyguard” in this pic , because im not sure if he wants his face visible all over the net.

He is actually a real bodyguard, but he works for free for me :=) when i walk with him NO1 fucks with me , no1 “accidentally” on purpose bumps in2 me …. hahah 🙂 its good 2 have friends like that .

I actually got green highlights in my hair now , but they are not visible in these shots 😦

Before i met up with Niklas i went for Dinner 4 @ Elite hotel on the Avenue . i love my own company. Most times i actually prefer 2 b alone rather being around bunch of phonies who just wanna use me …. Im good thanks . I rather B alone then around the wrong crowd. Its true wat they say , “It gets lonely at the top.” Even doe im not quite at the top , yet 🙂

Yesterday : A lil Bellini before i go back home ….

Last nite something really fucked up happened on my way home . a gang of teenagers , shot after me with a gun , when i was walking home.

I felt the heat from the bullet near my knee that they missed by maybe half an inch. and hit the wall. talk about having angelic protection.

I screamed ( to put it mildly ) from the top of my lungs , “WHO THE FUCK WAS IT !?!?” & i happened to have a small bottle of wine in one of my shopping bags. I took it up and started walking up to the lil scum bags that stood there like the lil bitches they are.

WHen I walked up 2 the lil brats they all looked like they was going to shit in their own pants , i literally walked up in their face with my bottle in their face asking them who it was who shot the bullet for my leg.

they all started lying one said ,” I didnt see anything but i heard the shot” , ” i just got here” , one of them blatantly lied in my face and said he saw a masked man doing it.

but i knew they were all lying , within a couple of minutes 3 police cars came. & they assured me that it was one of the guys , but its hard to prove when they shoot from behind in a gang.

& the laws in sweden are so weak , they wont just arrest all of em , instead they going to check the cameras to see if they will b able 2 identify any of them and i will b able 2 point one of em out …. Well the saga continues.. All i know is that God and my Angels are ALWAYS watching over me … Lil punk ass bitches thought a bullet is going to scare me …. haha got me fucked up.


I am back here in Gotheburg for a few days during the carnival to hang out with my friends and family & then go back 2 Stockholm. 

Yesterday we went to “Fiskekrogen” a nice seafood rest. when we came there it was no one there , apart from just another couple , after we started to eat the place was packed , no seats left sit.



Tonight the GöterborgsKalaset begins , its a carnival that goes on until Sunday this week , where the streets are turned in2 one big party , with live performances everywhere , samba dancers , street food etc etc looking 4ward to this 🙂 


What have i been up2 ????

Image Went for a lil ride 2 Stockholm from Gothenburg

showing off my new nail polish on the train


Im saving my nails to have em razor sharp 😉


Wen i wear these heel less shoez , my friends laugh so much when they wid me , cause they couldn’t believe how many people wanna take pics of these shoes lol. its so hilarious watching people literally sitting on the ground trying to shoot my heels lol, yesterday some people working for channel 5 ( swedish tv channel ) came up 2 me in the subway n asked me if they could shoot my heelz for a new serial that are starting soon named “LUGN I STORMEN” its a show about the life of the securities in the subway in Stockholm.  BDW its very common 2 ride the subway in Stockholm even rich business people do because its so very convenient . Dont get it twitted 😛


Me & my girl ❤ Faya

Enjoy ure weekend 1 luv

NOT accurate Views/plays On my Reverbnation

I’ve noticed for the last couple of weeks ( probably been going on for longer ) My music/video plays ALWAYS on the same .Music plays been on 4030 plays 4 a long time and ive had atleast 200-300+ plays but it only went up to 4040 plays ?!!?My video views always on 1753 and the daily plays seem 2 ALWAYS b on 17+ views but somehow it NEVER changes or gets updated. Come back again 2morrow and see 4 yourself. that my numbers remains the same ,It never changes nomatter how many plays/views i have .Even my FB likes keeps going Down ??? i just


updated my twitter status about this & guess what ?? my FB likes went down from 447 till 441 !!! So its VERY obvious i have HATING MF on my page ( Again, this happened b4 on myspace aswell) , manipulating my numbers to make me look like im ” not that successful” i just took a photo of this , so i will keep updating about this , Then u will B able 2 see with youre own eyes that my numbers on this page are NOT accurate . I will continue to take pics of my stats everyday with the date and time so u will b able 2 see that im not making this up . I even wrote 2 Reverbnation about this , but i still haven’t heard from them! Some people are real sore losers ….. poor them … No life … Oh well I guess with success comes HATERS !!! watch the updates with pics about this here on my blog 

Please go support my page , Lets show these SUCKERS that im in it 2 WIN IT , Nothing more Nothing Less !

Oven Baked Herring & Mash Potatoes


Im sure many of you didn’t know about my passion for cooking , i love 2 cook food , with plenty of love 🙂 

Today i went and bought some fresh herring & spiced it up in : flour, chili flakes , salt , blk pepper and plenty of love!

drizzle olive oil & Put it on a oven safe form and let it cook for about 15 mins on 220degrees. 

With that I made mash potatoes & a spinach , tomato , red onion salad with plenty of lemon juice & olive oil 

Simple as that ! Enjoy 😉 


13 K Views in just a few days …







almost 13K views on my new blog in only 4 days 🙂 wihoo i think thats pretty good




Snut Jävel ( Cop Bastard )


I was out and bout yesterday doing some shopping , when i walked in2 a shop and saw the guy who worked in the store wearing a blak Tee saying ” SNUT JÄVEL” it means COp Bastard in Swedish lol

U know i had 2 get that strait away 😛 

And then i said 2 the guy in the shop ” i bet im gonna attract a lot of negative attention now from the feds ” 

the guy replied : ” like we already don’t ?? ”  “Thats very true ” i said . 

We always get their attention when we don’t want it , but when we need their help its never there 4 people like us . 

im sure im far from the only 1 who feels this way …… or am i wrong ?? 

Look what i found!!

Look what i found!!

we was feat in a magazine ( i have to find out which one lol as i dont know which 1 yet ! ) because of our newest international music video
Very cool 🙂

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